Sunday, September 13, 2009

Review Anti Logger

Internet security applications and anti-virus, so the trust of many computer users After installing these security applications, users feel safe from attack by third parties. Is that true? Not really!

There can happen a third-party applications, which is not a virus, but deliberately installed and designed to "tap" the button you press for computing. If you have this, any anti-virus that you install and use any encryption would not be much help. Your activities in internet banking, online transactions, chat, or e-mail address known to other people vulnerable

As a supplement of anti-virus application and your internet security, try adding Zema Anti Logger. This application is designed to protect you from eavesdropping through the keyboard. This application does not require definition updates and scanning anti-virus system as usual. Zema done is to detect anti-logger on and off identified malware applications to registry key activities including spyware, trojans, and the like.

Do not worry about the application will collide with other anti-virus is active on the computer. Zemana claim that the application be brought in sync with the other security applications without burdening the processor and memory space consuming.
For Internet banking activity, banking sites are always equipped with a secure connection is indicated by https: / / at the beginning of the e-mail address. Not only that, the banking site is always equipped with encryption from Verisign, Cybertrust, Thewte, and the like. Anti-Logger Zemana features the first in the world
capable of protecting loggers SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128 bits.

One advantage again from Zenema Anti-Logger, the Logger Webcam protection features. With this feature, you will be protected from hackers or spyware that peeked through the webcam installed on your computer. (Steven Andy Pascal - Contributor)


- SSL protection features, webcam, key, and the display screen.

- No need to update the "virus definition".

- Can be installed side by side with the anti-virus or internet security that already exists.

- Protection of deaktivasi by third-party applications


- It can run on Windows XP SP2 up and Windows Vista

- Price is relatively expensive ($ 24)

to try you can download here


i just know the keylogger,,
nice info brader,,

ass..wr.wb/lam sejahtera
ehm..its so good posting n nice info makin tambah kueeren aja kak.ok good luck for U,thnxs...

salam hangat di malam2... ;)

wah sangat bermanfaat sekali gan infonya.
saya yakin bermanfaat juga buat orang-orang atau pengunjung yang sudah membacanya.
thanks ya gan.
update selalu dan semoga tambah sukses.


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