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Natar In the Travian


make friends like the game on the line this game is one of many who admire the users in the internet gaming,at the start with the story of the nation natar

Natar nation is the nation NPC in Travian, the nation's well developed, more developed nations of 3 existing in travian.
The nation will come Natar + / - 300 days after the start of servr Travian.
Natar will appear random & will attack several villages around (especially the village you pop it gede, so the fine large tuh Natar same), I do pop it small so will not be in attack.
Natar nation holds the key for winning the game Travian, which is Wonder.
Tiap2 villages have been destroyed do Natar players can establish alliances & wonder if you wonder which is already reached peak levels, the new winner he deh Travian.

The tale of the Natars
Long before the nation's Roman (Roman) to explore areas Travian, there is a tribe which is a slave (servant slaves) to Natar nation, tribe is now up and become a nation do now known as Germany (Teouton) and Barbarian (Gaelic). After invesi and wabak disease Natar evacuate the people in one corner of the map Travian (liat the village MH, Help the village, the village HiddenDeath).

At the first time, tribes in Travian is Natar authorities and so cruel and waffle hereditary org and delivered by the elders through a lull during the tales of children. Only a few old-master org I know about how and where the weakness of ethnic Natarian

The Time has come
When snow appears season (Dec or January), parents always told Natar nation will appear every year, so story. Time and near the commander-general war and be ready always ready awaiting the arrival of this nation. There is no general war I can rival tribe Natar if I enggak kelemahannya. Natar certain war with a lot of blood shed (bloodly war). So based on this myth, rural alliances and alliance-I will be prepared to strengthen the strong defense. Natar nations will attack the top 5 every milestone alliances first, before you destroy the entire village under the patronage-based alliances.

If this nation is shown in Travian, it beribukota and domiciled in the "Golden City", there is the script (manuscript), which is stored information related to all of the weaknesses and strengths of the nation Natar. Including the village which is located all over the map Travian. Stored in the golden city "INDESCRIBABLE greatness and power of Natarian".

The Natar's plan
Aims to build the nation Natar 'Wonder of the world] which will be stored Manuscript weaknesses and all the wealth of the nation Natar. So before the Manuscript is moved in one village (in the middle-tengan Golden City) is called the "Glorious Tample of" [a glorious temple located in the center of the city], tribe or nation Roman, Gauls Teouton and will try to fight the nation Natar Manuscript for the jockey before the 'Wonder of the World' was built.

If we first build a 'Wonder of the World' Natar the nation can no longer build 'Wonder of the World' and it is very easy to fight them in the City of Golden.

Travian goal is to make the WOW (Wonders of the World), usually (according to my experience in the main server Int'l) after 12 hours the server is running, will show a nation with the super power, the nation Natarian name. They will destroy all villages and they are NPC (Non Playable Character).

Legend does Natarian nations is they are a nation of the world before coming travian roman troops who beat them and exempt from the Gaelic teuton and grip forces ruffianly Natarian. Legend also says troops Natarian big secret in the form of blueprint buried with the ancestors that they killed in the war with the nations of the Roman. Finally, they will rise again and attempt the world travian.

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