Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blinking The Printer Reset

In the Printer Canon, Epson, HP Inkjet all type, number of printing it will always be the accumulation of up to certain limits. And if you already reached the limit set, then will be marked with the overload LED lights up or alternately called Blinking. If this happens, How then does not want to be in the printer service. This is not problem if we are close to home What if We The House Foreign City or even in Outside the island. The solution we have to menservice our own printers, condition must have software RESETTER tricks and how to reset it.

problem is the age of the printer is limited,usually with the calculation of print out. calculation is recorded and arranged in an EEPROM chip on the mainboard printer. This is done by a vendor with reasons to keep the excess ink out capacity ink tanks (usually for the printer models now use a similar material of the special foam on the bottom of the printer) so that the ink does not overflow out the printer or even a relationship can cause a short (short circuit) of the components in the printer.

How best to be done for consumers now? it is thought to be important. Some sites already offer ways to overcome it. From how to offer the software to reset reset chip EEPROM to be Zero again.

Printer reset

One thing you need to know is the cost to reset the printer expensive and if you know how easy it is reset on the printer you will ask why so expensive. although software that is used to reset the free software that can be downloaded from the internet without the cost (in the cafe internet
unless you must pay)

1. Unplug the printer power cable (the cable that connects the printer with power)
2. Press the "Power On" and do not hold back tide immediately removed power cable
3. Once the cable is installed, the "Power On" is still not yet released (depressed) and press
Resume button 2 times
4. Loose all (Resume button and Power).
5. You can use your printer now.

The weakness of the way this manual is revoked when the power cable / power off or disconnected, then you must repeat the above procedure to be able to use your printer again. To overcome this, the solution is to use the Software in accordance Reset with the type of printer that will be in the Reset

-Using the printer software reset

software course reset should be already installed in most computers. how to reset this so that the menggunkan computer as a tool for the program is reset. Before their should replace the first absorbernya / foam, or to save costs in a way can also clean first absorbernya / blower that is located in the bottom of the printer, open the way printer. Then, how to make cleaning inkpot manually? The answer can be ... but only the things you do need to consider is: you try celupkan cotton / cloth into ink. then what happens when you try to clean with water? water will be very dirty, as well as with your hands. It is very difficult to clean cloth / cotton exposed ink.

Moreover, when the cotton is exposed to water after it is difficult to get back on form original. The same foam container with the ink on the printer. When you try to cleared, in addition to making very little lot will also affect power absorption foam on (as in the first foam is a material that has a power high absorption). But notwithstanding the foam has been in the clear can still be used way after the washing and dried in, with the season in the hot suds.

After the dry foam indicate the printer ready to be paired as they are. Stroke the printer is ready to reset in software by using the appropriate Reset with the printer to be reset.

Link to download Resetter for free



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