Saturday, February 21, 2009

One lightning flash produces electricity is greater than that produced by the United States.

At night, when heavy rain, the sky suddenly turn on, followed shortly by the sound jarring. Did you know how amazing lightning illuminate the sky appear? Did you know how much light that emanated it? Or how much heat is released?

One lightning flash of light is light that during the electrical discharge in the atmosphere during a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms can occur when the electrical voltage on two separate point in the atmosphere - is still in the clouds or between clouds and surface, or between two surface - the level is high.

Lightning flash occurred in at least two forms of stroke. In the first swoop cargo negative (-) flow from the clouds to the surface. This is not a very bright kilatan. A number of lightning branching usually can be seen spread out from the main path flash. When the first stroke to reach this surface, a load at the point opposite form that will be struck to its flow and the second flash had a positive form of lightning in the path directly to the main cloud. Two lightning usually compete about 50 meters above the ground. Flow in the short-form intersection between cloud and land surface, and the result an electric current is very strong and light flows in from the path toward the main lightning cloud. Voltage difference on the flow of electricity between clouds and land surface is beyond a few million volt.

The energy released by a lightning strike is much greater than that generated by the central power plant in the United States. Temperatures on the path where the lightning form can reach 10,000 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the furnace to smelt iron-kan is between 1050 and 1100 degrees Celsius. Heat generated by the smallest lightning strike can reach 10 times lipatnya. Summer of extremes this means that lightning can easily burn and destroy all elements of the earth. Other comparison, the surface temperature of the sun high 700,000 degrees Celsius. In other words, the temperature of lightning is 1 / 70 of the surface temperature of the sun. Light issued by lightning brighter light than the 10 million incandescent light bulb 100 watt wall. As a benchmark, a lightning flash illuminate its surroundings in more light than a fluorescent light when switched on every house in Istanbul.Allah directs attention to the extraordinary shine off of this lightning in the Qur'an,

Lambency-cloud lightning is an almost eliminate vision (QS. An Nuur, 24:43)

Lightning that came down to earth very quickly with the speed of 96,000 km / hour. Strike the first point of contact to reach the surface of the earth or within 20 milliseconds, and stroke with the opposite direction to the cloud in 70 microsecond tempo. Overall lightning lasted until half-time in seconds. Sound boom that accompanied it caused by a sudden warming of the air around the lightning path. As a result, the air is memuai speed exceeds the speed of sound, shock waves, although its sound waves back to the normal range in meters. Sound waves form the air, the atmosphere and the surface shape after it. That is the reason it happened thunder and the lightning-susul follow.

When we think all of this with regard to lightning, we can understand that the nature of this is something incredible. How is the strength of a remarkable show of such particles had positive and negative, that is not seen by the naked eye, showed that lightning is created deliberately. Furthermore, the fact that the molecular-molecular nitrogen, which is very important for plants, showing the strength of this, once again proved that lightning is created with a special wisdom.

Allah specifically attract our attention on this lightning in the Qur'an. The Meaning of Ar Ra'd, one letter of the Qur'an, is "Guruh". In the verses of the thunder God said that He was the lightning in humans as a source of fear and hope. God also said that when the thunder lightning strike memujiNya hymn. God has created a number of signs for us in the thunder. We must think and be grateful that the bolt, which may have never thought this many people seteliti and cause feelings of fear and hope in the human self, is a facility with a fear of God was increasing and that is sent by him for a particular purpose, as He will .


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