Thursday, March 5, 2009

Four Wives

An Interesting story full of wisdom about Rich traders with four of His wife.

Whilom, have a rich merchant who had 4 wives. He loved the fourth wife, and gave him wealth and a lot of fun. For, he is among the most beautiful of all his wife. This man is always to provide the best for this fourth wife.

Traders also loved the third wife. He was very proud with his wife, and always tried to introduce this to all the female friends. However, he also always worried that if his wife will run away with another man.

So also with the second wife. He was very like it. She is the wife of a patient and understanding. Whenever traders get this problem, he always asks for his wife this consideration. He is a dependent. He was always helping and assisting her husband, through times that are difficult.

Similar to the first wife. He is the couple who are very loyal. He always brings improvements for the life of this family. He is caring for and managing all assets and business of the husband. However, the traders, so do not love it. While the first wife is so pity him, however, these traders do not pay attention to it so.

Whilom, the traders pain. Long after, he realizes that he will soon die. He penetrate beautiful of all life, and said in the liver. "Currently, I have 4 wives. However, when I die, I will own. How sad if I should live alone." Then he ask his wife all came, and then began to ask the fourth wife. " you are my love the most, my give you dress and the beautiful jewelry. Well, now, I will die, Shall you assist me and accompany me? He was speechless." Of course not, "answered the wife of the fourth, and so it goes without speaking again. Best was very painful. as if, there is a naked knife, and carve-liver slices. traders ago is sad that the wife asked the third. "I also love-thy-heels in love, and at this time, my life will end. Will you join with, and accompany the end of my life? She said, Life is beautiful here. I will marry again if you die. So the traders hit with this greeting. Body began to feel a fever.

Then, he asked his wife to both. "I always turn away every time you got a problem. And you always want help me. Now,I need your help. If I die, Shall you join and accompany me? The wife replied slowly." I am sorry, "he said," I can not help you it. I can only take you to the sexton only. Later, I will make a beautiful tomb for thee. The answer is like a lightning strike. The traders now feel despair. Suddenly a voice sounded. "I will stay with you. I will follow wherever you go. I will not leave-you, I will be faithful with. The traders ago turned to the side, and his wife first found there. He looks so emaciated. Body that looks like the hunger . Feeling sorry for, the trader ago mutter, "If only, I can treat your better when I can afford them will not let me-you like this, My wife."

Friends, we have the 4 wives in this life. The fourth wife, is our bodies. How much is the cost and time we spend for our bodies to look beautiful and stout, all will be lost. He will go quickly if we died. There is no beauty and bravery that we left when facing him.

The third wife, is the social status and wealth. When we die, everything will go to the other. They will move, and never forget that we have them.

Meanwhile, the second wife, are relatives and friends.
How isclose our relationship with them, they will not be with us forever. Tomb is only until they will accompany us.

And, friend, indeed, the first wife is our soul and our charity. Perhaps, we often ignore, and
forget it for property and personal enjoyment. However, in fact, only the soul and the only charity that we are able to continue to accompany the faithful, and wherever we tread. Only charities that are able to help us later in the Hereafter. So, while capable, is the soul and treat us with charity wise. Do not until we later regret


inspiratif sekali...

Mo ngometarin potonya, cantik dan seger beneeer

he he he he he
fotonya itu lo

photo siapa tuh.. menarik sekali wajahnya so sweet...

Good post. And I thought you've made it by Google Translate. Please, see some words that still untranslatable, like pertolonganmu, mendampingiku, membantuku?

Overall good work.

I say Thank you to the author that have been well pleased to visit my Blog and then I came here on a link that you leave, I read this post and any posts that is really a very touching for me, hopefully I avoided from such things, Amien.

Kalau ada kaum lelaki yang ingin menikahi empat bahkan lima perempuan, aku tetap akan terhormat dengan hanya memiliki satu orang suami yang kuhormati... :)

4 istri????waduhhhhh...jangan sampa dech...tamak betul loe cow..
alasan apaun poligami tetap saya gk setuju...
tetap istri pertama yang bakal menjadi yang terbaik,,,
bagai mana pun kondisinya..
anti poligami......


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