Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Truth of the Holy Qur'an, the sea and ocean

We present to you Professor. William W Hay, geologist University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, United States. Before him, as Dean Rosentiell School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida, United States. We went with him on expeditions to the sea to show us some phenomena related to our research, scientific wonders of the al-Quran and Sunnah. We inquire about the sea surface, the divider between the top and bottom of the sea, ocean basis, and the geology of the sea. We also ask you to Professor Hay about the divider between the water mixed with sea water and river water. He was good enough to answer questions in our detail. In relation to the mixing between the different sea, he explains that the collection of water in the sea which is not homogeneous as it appears. Sea-water is quite different, the salinity is to distinguish the various, temperature, weight and type. If viewed with the microscope will be visible to the white line is a mixing between two different sea water. Each share this mixing two different in sea temperature, salinity, density, marine biology, and the dissolved oxygen content. Scientists first saw the picture, as you see, in the year 1942, after a hundred years beratus-sea research site was established. Here we see the difference between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

In the photo, we see a colored triangle. This is the foundation stone Gibraltar. We can observe differences in the second set of water colors, even with the naked human eye can not be natural to feel it. It may be that the satellite equipment and photography technique uses remote. Images created here taken using the satellite, particularly relating to the collection of heat from the water that is different. And this is the reason why the sea have seen a different color. As an example, we here see light blue, dark blue, and black. Collection of water indicates that other green. Color differences that indicate the difference in temperature of the sea surface. However, as we all know, oceans and seas will be seen in blue in front of our eyes. Mixing can only be seen and accepted with the scientific research and modern technology. Allah has explained to us in the al-Quran that:

"He let the (king) two flows of both sea and met, among them there is a limit that does not dilampaui by each" (QS ar-Rahman: 19 - 20)

The tradition, there are two main interpretation of this verse. The first, with the show to follow from the literal meaning of the term maraja, which meets the sea and mingle with the other. However, in reality, al-Quran to continue the understanding that no barrier between them. Meaning this is a simple barrier to prevent the sea from the violation of both the flooding or the other.

Support the second opinion, ask how can there be a barrier between the sea where they do not violate the one with the other. While this verse indicates that the sea meet each other? They concluded that the sea does not meet and explore the meaning of the term king, but now modern science shows us that with enough information to complete this problem. Does not meet the sea, as we see, as an example in the picture Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. Although there is a water barrier between them inclined, we now know that this water through the barrier of each of the sea across the other. But when the sea water from one sea enters the other, will lose its distinctive character and become a kind of water with the other. On a road, a barrier is the transition area similar to the two kinds of water.

This is an excellent example of Islamic modern scientific research. Thus, modern techniques can be used to indicate that al-Quran does not compare. We discussed this verse and several other verses that are very long with Professor Hay, and then we ask the question to him as follows: "Do you think about this phenomenon, which is the text that you have now that have been revealed in the 1400 years ago and describes the play the secret of the universe which is not one at that time knew that because of the simple techniques and equipment are available?

Professor Hay said: "I find it very interesting that this kind of information in the book of the Gospel from the ancient al-Quran and I have no way to know where they came from, but I think this is unusual and interesting jobs will continue to find it, meaning some part of this. "He asked:" Then you have to absolutely reject this comes from human sources. Who you pikiirkan information like this from the original source? " Professor Hay said: "Both, I think this definitely comes from the God."

Actually this is knowledge that the Godhead is revealed God's message to support the Prophet Muhammad SAW, in which he said:

Every prophet has been given something to make people believe him. But I is guided by God, and I hope, I will have most of the cohort Hour.(HR Bukhari)

This guidance contains the magic still held firm and as a book to the people until the end of the age.


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