Thursday, April 2, 2009

Want to Improve Vision? play Video Games

Good news for people who are addicted to playing video games. Main type of video game shoot-good shot to improve our vision, so a study conducted by the University of Rochester and published in the journal Nature Neuroscience. In other words, all the violence, blood spray and others are likely to contribute to a more healthy eyes.

Study reveals that video game playing is full of action has increased contrast sensitivity function (CSF - contrast sensitivity function) in those who tested. CSF is one of the most common and easily damaged in the eyes of men. Those who have a low contrast sensitivity having trouble seeing at night, can not always see the face expression, and also hardship see stains and dirt on the cloth.

Studies conducted with a group of people to invite to play unreal Tournament 2004 from Atari or Call of Duty 2, and another group to play The Sims 2. During the 9 week group play each game for 50 hours. When the study ended, participants in the group who play an action game improvement in vision-CSF is that if they play compared to The Sims. Studies later showed that those who CSF is increased high enough during the test appeared to maintain improvements for months, and sometimes yearly.

This is also not the first time the University of Rochester to get that video game-based action can help vision. In 2007, the study participants reported an improvement of the general vision of 20% after the game-play video games full of action.

During the video game is considered negative and positive. There are studies that say that video games enhance mental health as a whole, health and biological PLAYERS. However, there are also studies that the cognitive ability of children is reduced due to play too often. Besides video games is associated with the causes of drug abuse, decrease overall health and obesity.

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