Friday, April 17, 2009

The optimism of Victory

"And do not feel lowly and do not greet you in the most high if you believe".(Ali Imran : 139)

"And do not you despair of the Mercy of Allah, do not despair the people but people who disbelieve."(Yusuf : 87)

In fatigue, tension and confusion, Muslims still have hope secercah achieve victory. That's what happens when Muslims its troops Ahzab. Even in the tense situation and far from the calculation for the win, they still say:

"This is the promise of Allah and His Messenger. True God Almighty and His Messenger. It does not grow in their faith and submission, except in Allah. "

In full readiness, the enemy encirclement and terrain conditions are so heavy, he said. pumping spirit with promises that they will be able to conquer the Roman, Persian, Alexandria and other countries.

Muslims finally get victory in war without Ahzab often outbreak of war, and Allah swt. demonstrate the promise of his conquered the lands of the government Umar bin Khathab RA. See also advice like that shade the water in the sand, taujih and the promise of Allah's Messenger. a very heartwarming family Ammar bin yasir:

"Be patient O family yasir promised a place for Allah is heaven."

one sentence from a murabbi, able to muffle the pain the suffering, pain, shock and holding up a spirit, although not able to celebrate victory.

Living example of the way, should the Conference of activity we do at this time. How much experience they can be made so that the mirror of life-buoy buoy travel become clear and bright. As he explained the best generation in the history of this nation so that they have hopes in the world and the Hereafter without the slightest fear of loss.

Victory of the people we find a lot of optimism that began to reach victory. Optimism that stable bring them sooner or later the kegemilangan. Optimism because of the victory itself. Both the victory in the world or the Hereafter. Optimism people believe is inherent in the soul because they are sure of the word of Allah:

That those with Allah. With kebersamaannya they believe it is deeds, processes and procedures and achieve success success.

With the optimism that all the weight of a lightweight, easy to be a difficult and complex to be simple.

When optimism is to penetrate the soul of encouragement besarlah appears, encouraged to make a goal to reach in order to triumph. When a friend asked the Messenger of Rosulullah.:

"What fate when I forward to the battle field are berkecamuk it ', he replied:' you will find heaven 'then immediately forward of the front to even remove the dates that are currently pending dikunyahnya mutter:' I will get a slow heaven." Subhanallah that's the part of the story-generation example.

When membumbung high optimism in the heart of a believer, he will move, behave, walk and sacrifice, although he can not enjoy victory. Lo, with the optimistic spirit that they have to get a victory indeed. At least he was pushed to contrib mulianya for the confidence that he pious. He hopes that Allah loves and attitudes ridho its struggle with:

At this time, things that block our journey towards success is a lot. Obstacles, interference trial came silih change. Whether that comes from internal and external people, even from the show itself. It seems they never get tired and stop. They do not want victory in our hands. When we are tired and saturated them, then forever we will never taste that feeling of victory.

When we are tired, appear contemptible whisper-whisper saying what to sacrifice. What do you sacrifice that you will find the results? Are we to sacrifice the taste. Do not-we do not even the sacrifice of others who enjoy them?

Sadly, and again what we already do will be denied and sued. They will also close eye on what we do.

Whisper-whisper often come by this in our ears. As if they want to stop foot-steps lajunya our feet.

Interference that is we must face, because we have faith, we have confidence and we keberkahan with Allah swt. And depart from the spirit of optimism that is within us.



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