Thursday, April 23, 2009

United States Military Hacker Search

To Protect National Network

all friend, is currently looking for a Pentagon hacker, who indonesia hackers who are able to participate in this opportunity yaa, between what we are often fraudulent. What ya up to state resources such as precious american want to find a hacker, for what? story here

WASHINGTON, After a while the existence of the hacker is always a threat to the United States, now for the first time the United States will recruit hackers to secure their national network.

General Dynamics Information Technology is looking for someone able to think like the wicked and very understanding about the equipment and the usual tactics of a hacker.

In addition, hackers are looking for candidates must be able to analyze traffic and identify the attack against the national network.

"Pentagon computer experts will increase each year from 80 people to be 250 people in the year 2011," said the defense secretary Robert Gates. This is done to secure the electricity network, the flight system, and shares the nuclear launch codes.

Pentagon has spent about 100 million of funds to U.S. dollars for 6 months only to respond to and fix the damage from cyber attacks. In addition, the Pentagon issued a 60 million U.S. dollars for the contract to US-Cert for 4 years. These institutions use hackers to analyze each threat the government computer network and develop ways to reduce the impact of attacks.

Rapuhnya United States national defense network used the network of foreign-eye a few weeks ago, the United States cut electricity and left a program that can damage the electrical service. This is known after the electricity company gives the government permission to do the power system network.

"Network is a national United States vulnerable to cyber attack, it is not ready for the digital disaster" said David Powner, director of technology issues for the Government Accountability Office. Technological innovation necessary to protect the network from the threat of national Hacker, criminal or other countries who want to steal confidential information by country.

With the weight to overcome the challenges Cyberattack, President Obama has been instructed to conduct checks for 60 days how to deal with the government and protect the data that large. What will the government to control the object and vital infrastructure. President Obama has appointed Melissa Hathaway Cyberedeffort for the department head.

Instructions to respond to President Obama, a task force was formed with the technology giant General Dynamics, IBM, Lockheed Martin and Hewlett-Packard Co.. It is tasked to develop and share information, so that a problem can direspon quickly.


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