Friday, May 8, 2009

Psychology Money and Assets

If there are fraudulent people ask you, whether you feel comfortable with your financial condition, or more if the question, if you feel rich, how do you answer?

Most of you may not akan said. Is that because the traditional orient so afraid considered arrogant or your assets are in reality not too many, it is very rare among us dare say we are rich.

In fact, if someone does not feel rich or not measured by how much the assets are owned, but rather depends on whether the asset is beneficial or not.

So, as long as you give the benefit asset's value in spite of not too large, you are the wealthy or have a healthy financial condition. Conversely, even if you have a very big asset, if the asset does not provide financial benefits, then you is not the rich. The reason, again, rich in psychological terms are not financial assets of the number of views, but the benefits of the asset.

But how to overcome the problem,
why you do not or have not benefited from the income or assets you have?.

Change the paradigm
The first step is to change the paradigm of your assets. Asset is not the goal. Your life is not dependent on the asset. Assets are only the tools to make life more comfortable. Therefore, you must control the asset. You must manage the revenue and expenditure control. Its simple, do not charge until you control your life and make you dizzy, but you must control the charge. Paradigm such that you must plant in your mind.

Second, to implement the paradigm above, you must understand the fundamental rules in financial management, that is, earnings must be greater rather than expenditure.

However small your income, the formula can not be inviolable. You can do is attempt to reduce expenditure and increase revenue. To do what?

It is often featured in this rubric. Essentially, the will and discipline. You should be able to "fight" with the self. Placing logic on the feelings, including prestige, shame, and so forth. If you are able to do all that, most likely you will be able to achieve your financial goals. Whether it is raising revenue or reducing expenditure.

Third, you want to choose "be sick first, then have fun" or "have fun at this time, not sure then." The first choice, clearly we all know. That is, if your financial condition at this time is not good enough, then you should not sacrifice pro-excessive consumption. Some of the money you have in-tube and / or invested assets, so that later you will be larger and at the time that you enjoy.

The latter is also simple, but you have the risk in the future. For example a simple desire to meet, you can use the debt fund, whether it is through credit cards, vehicle loans, home loans, and so forth. However, if you are not disciplined and did not plan well step in to manage your finances, your assets in the future could be lost again. It is that which you choose, it must be adjusted to your personal characteristics.

Be objective
Fourth, realize that the accomplishment would manage our money, in fact there is still more of us smart. That is one thing. Other things, people tend not to be objective itself. Therefore, the other party is required to assess more fair.

This means that your financial management is more measured, no one ask the other, more independent and have no commitments with the feelings you to help. For example, if you get sick, yet you go to the doctor and take medicine is recommended. As well as financial management.

If you want to "recover" and have a healthy financial condition, could you ask for financial aid consultant, with the notes you want to have to follow his advice throughout the financial advisor has the most credibility and competence test. Source


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