Tuesday, May 19, 2009

People HIV / AIDS been microchip

Various breakthrough made to minimize the spread of AIDS. Is unique, a number of board members to support the Papua Province microchip in the body of each HIV / AIDS. This tool will help monitor the development of the disease that until now have not there is medicine.

However, this decision is still to invite controversy. Installation of the microchip criticized by health activists and human rights.

John Manangsang. a member of the DPRD Papua, said the chip is embed in the skin right down around the patient's genitals, authorities will be easier to understand and explore the perpetrator. With this tool also can easily track a patient with AIDS who deliberately transmit the disease, including menghukumnya then.

This proposal received support from some members of the board of Papua. And if the goal in the next month the possibility of DPRD akan designed a special regulation.

Perhaps, a committee will be formed to determine who deserves to be planted at once the chip to control the caprice lakunya.

Indonesia has a population of the world's fourth most populous as the country recorded a growth of HIV virus to its fastest in Asia. Estimated from a population of 235 million, about 290 thousand people with HIV / AIDS. Most of the victims with the drug-consuming and take turns pairing. In this case Papua ranks first in terms of number of patients.

However, that program can not necessarily be carried out. Nancy Fee, the UN AIDS Coordinator, said that programs should also consider the impact on human rights and health of the patient.

He added that many countries which attempted to rebut the spread of AIDS but does not run successfully. "People with AIDS are not animals, we should respect their rights," said droppings Ganyang Butarbutara, a human rights activists in Papua.

He said that the best way to reduce the spread of HIV / AIDS is to encourage more counseling and sex education and contraceptive use equipment when exposed body.


jauhi sex bebas, tukeran jarum suntik, narkoba, anything dah yg bakalan membuat lo ketuleran HIV!!!!

Hiduplah sesuai tuntunan Rosululloh (Al-Quran dan Hadits)

Ass...itulah azab orang yang berbuat zina..bertobatlah..smoga Allah mencabut penyakit ini..


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