Saturday, May 23, 2009

Firefox free from the evil script

Many people think that Mozilla Firefox is the most secure browser. Moreover, with the support of the open source community is big enough, the security holes that appear to be addressed immediately. That causes the browser pro -
fire emblem fox has become a favorite.

And appear in the user's general impression is that only with this slick browser bermodalkan akan computer safe from hacker attacks. But not necessarily. If you want safe, but not 100% secure, virus protection, spyware protection, firewall, and other tools of war must be installed.

Noscript is a Firefox extension which can be used to secure the browser. Extensions that can be downloaded free from this site can be relied upon to block all types of scripts (especially JavaScript) in a plant a web site.

After the install, noscript Arrange by clicking right on the Firefox window, select the [noscript]> [Options ...]. Tab on the [General] is open, give a wildcard to the sites that have security can be ascertained.

If you found out a script in a site, noscript akan this will bring the message like this: "Scripts Currently Forbidden." If it is not dangerous, click [Options]> [temporarily allow file: / /] or [Options ...]> [Allow file: / /] to allow this kind of script to run continuously.


it's nice,
with no script Firefox extension, we can block Pop out that make our browsing not enjoy.


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