Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My first experience using linux

As tired and want to take me the way to the mall, this is going right on 6-July-2009, from the beginning it does not have any definitive purpose, see the running right from the left-store accessories, property, Hand phone, up to clothing visit but I have none that can make my heart and mind to be happy.

Do not feel I have one hour to reel in the mall, already feeling his tired feet, rest in the front seat Gramedia store accidentally eyes to see a book that is on the shelves in stores from Gramedia appear any posts covers were thick "LINUX" somehow my mind immediately is to try what if linux only, he said that Open source where users can use linux without the need of registration and the cost to have the Operating system is

Fifteen minutes I have a rest, right foot step to take and store Gramedia book is Linux, see the written Mandriva 2009.1 free "taste the experience of using the new Mandriva 2009.1 free will brighten your desktop's appearance"

See the title of the covers were already just make do, in fact I read more books this magazine's publication 'Info Linux' 07-2009 edition, the magazine is also where a good package that contains many magazine articles about linux and its diverse tutorials about linux, can also one with a DVD containing 8 Gb distro linux support the same application.

I think the intro is enough, later when I began to study them linux? arrived at the house immediately without waste of time I search for hard drives that are not in use, twenty minutes I read a tutorial from the magazine Info Linux, see the computer specifications needs to install the Mandriva 2009.1 free only classmates Pentium IV, 15 GB hard drive and 386Mb memory is also quite simple.

Computer is ready to read the tutorial is in time to play with linux Mandriva 2009.1 free from its installation is quite easy to install almost the same as the windows, but not wrong! from the Mandriva install process is easy once choice of multi language that is quite a lot according to what we want, which is a new selection format hardisk its use in the ext4 file system and swap partitions.

After the partition is finished, have the option desktop KDE 4.2.2 Genome and 2:26 am I try to own all beginners in simple and easily learned, finished setting up the installation user management grub bootloader and reboot computer end,
I admire the first of linux we are just 1-time installation of all applications in day-to-day needs, such as office and internet is available immediately and all the easy, but saying I lay still, so that bias does not tell much, I still have to learn a lot more to the senior linux.

Learn embroidery requires courage and strong, want to change the habit fills spare time with creativity and try new things positive. And I hope from this post have a senior linux and would like to volunteer to teach me : D


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