Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tiring day

Morning was very sunny day, warm it into the sun, in every human soul, the sound tuneful birds chirp adds peaceful life, fresh air to commemorate the spirit of making all the activities that day,

heart is very happy where all the college affairs S1 I have completed only a graduation that is not waiting long only 5 more days,

in the heart start immediately thought for find new jobs that work better than a side that I can Get (keep the internet cafes) the first day I start looking for job info in the campus newspaper and mading, read here to find that there is at what is in accordance with the usual I Get fit with my field,, but d only get the tip of the search info job that same internet cafes that guards yah even though its visible places and facilities in the matter of its offer more and better work from me now but it's not satisfied just cooked a guard cafe again when I graduate S1 agricultural techniques

next day wonder to all the friends and acquaintances senior friend start message, facebook friend and lecturers also feel tired around without a definitive result, start to go find the link on the internet where information is usually fit in the job long search finally results also bear some job information in Jember one company processing corn and some other places, without a petition to remove the work tell me, how many have either the letter I sent to the company as soon as possible in order to want to get a job, the day does not keep running feels tomorrow my graduation I started already busy preparing for graduation purposes all start dressing clothes and photographers

graduation has been completed I have not felt as alumni, a few days and consult with senior faculty for a future and a better end I was determined to work out of the side that I usually do, but after I self-petition was approved on my application after 25 days more work, so not a problem while waiting for a call from where I apply for a new job yesterday, 24 days have been through in the middle of depressed heart my hand phone ring tones with the weak I say hello .. eh does not know it was the company's HRD and I got a call and interview tests the body directly startled this seed and grow new spirit to fight back, the last day I work in a place long after and have the story in the internet cafes, home d pinch directly with the event sister's wedding even though the body feels tired but what power I have as a brother to help keep the event for three days.

Wedding next day after I go directly to the company that is in the muddy, leaving 3 hours early, the company arrived d body still felt tired, but still must struggle to interview psychology test hours completed 6 pm, waow body it is in a half-dead, 5 day of rest is enough excitement and I climb after I finally got a call received at work, thanks for all friends ..


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